Founded in Seville in December 2020, as one of the few current brands dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of 100% natural silk scarves, finished by hand. It was very well received and just 5 months after its launch, more than 95% of the stock of its first and only production had been sold out.

After a break for the team of just over a year to close stages in their professional careers, the brand returns renewed and stronger than ever, offering, as a novelty, an expansion of its product catalogue, among which its first stand out. line of ready-to-wear garments.

MARMOR is a brand designed to democratize luxury, dressing a sophisticated and modern woman, who values ​​the quality and timelessness of the garments, their versatility to combine day-to-day life with social events, and that add a plus of design to their looks. and to the image of the woman that reflects being.